Payroll Processing

It used to be that processing payroll required only an IRS tax table. Unfortunately, today it’s not so simple. Enterprise Payroll provides you with a payroll process that’s both quick and efficient. Each pay period, you simply submit payroll data to us in the method you choose and we do the rest. We’ll generate the paper checks, direct deposits, garnishments, and savings despots for your employees and provide you with our detailed payroll journals and management reports.

Thank you for your interest in Enterprise Payroll. We look forward to assisting you with your payroll requests and needs.  Our payroll pricing is upfront and transparent with no hidden fees and a 2 year price lock.


$15 per payroll + $1.50 per emp



$30 per payroll + $2.50 per emp



$70 per payroll + $3.00 per emp



$45 base fee $4.50 per W2/1099

(Add $10 per pay period phoned, emailed or faxed payrolls)

(Add $5 per pay period time sheet import integration)



24/7 online payroll access for employer and employees
Full federal, state, local tax service
HR Compliance Center & Resources
Direct deposit
General Ledger Integration
Garnishment Processing
New Hire Reporting
And much more….


Ad Hoc Request $75.00
Adjustment $150.00
Cancel Payroll $35.00
Continuity Plan $79.00
Corrected W-2 $35.00
Direct Deposit Returned $50.00
Direct Deposit Reversal $50.00
Entity Change $150.00
Expedited Correction $75.00
Expedited One Day Per Transaction Over 1 $0.00 for first 1 unit(s)
$5.00 for each additional unit
Expedited Processing One Day $69.00
Expedited Processing Same Day $99.00
Expedited Same Day Per Transaction Over 1 $0.00 for first 1 unit(s)
$5.00 for each additional unit
Manual Payroll $100.00
Missing EIN < 60 days $50.00
Missing EIN > 60 days $100.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (1st NSF) $150.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (2nd NSF) $250.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (3rd NSF or more) $400.00
Pay Period Date Change $35.00
Quarterly Amended Return $150.00
Tracing Deposit $50.00
Void Payroll $50.00
W-2 Demographic Change $35.00