Payroll Processing

It used to be that processing payroll required only an IRS tax table. Unfortunately, today it’s not so simple. Enterprise Payroll provides you with a payroll process that’s both quick and efficient. Each pay period, you simply submit payroll data to us in the method you choose and we do the rest. We’ll generate the paper checks, direct deposits, garnishments, and savings despots for your employees and provide you with our detailed payroll journals and management reports.


Wage Garnishment Processing

Statistics reveal that for most small businesses, 25% of their employees have some type of wage garnishment. Yet, many small businesses are unable to manage the process in a simple, cost effective manner. In fact, when done in-house, the process can cost up to $10 per garnishment. Enterprise offers a Wage Garnishment Service to relieve your staff of managing and calculating complex garnishments for child support payments, tax levies, bankruptcies, and liens.


  • Automated system of checks and balances
  • Eliminates need for manual calculations and payments
  • Prioritizes multiple garnishments
  • Schedules payments according to court orders
  • Prepares reports that document all activity
  • Remains current with existing laws and regulations