Employer Resources

Enterprise Payroll keeps you compliant with state and federal labor laws and gives you easy access to information on HR best practices.  Ensure compliance with government labor law posting requirements in the Compliance Center.  Access How-To Guides for a wealth of information concerning HR best practices for small businesses.  Download a variety of common business forms all customized for your company.  Enterprise Payroll is a secure, self service, web-based product providing employers and their employees on-line access to personnel data, check stubs, time off information and more. Our web-based solution enables employees to access information they need, when and where they need it.  Additionally, we have professional payroll experts available six days a week to answer any of your questions or urgent needs.


Compliance Center

Compliance Center is a self service, web-based product providing employers peace of mind that they are compliant with State and Federal posting requirements.  As long as you display your posters appropriately, we will guarantee your compliance fines up to $25,000.  

Our Guarantee is straightforward:

If your enrolled business which has properly posted and displayed all of the most current, required Federal and State Department of Labor postings downloadable from our Compliance Center website receives a citation from the U.S. Department of Labor or a state Department of Labor requiring your enrolled business to pay a fine for improper posting content, we will reimburse any governmental fines actually paid by your enrolled business for such improper posting content, up to Twenty Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000).

In order to make a claim under this Guarantee, we require that you promptly provide us with a copy of any citation for improper posting content that your enrolled business receives, that you cooperate with us in its investigation regarding the factual basis for such citation, and that you cooperate with us to permit it to challenge the imposition of any fine which we reasonably believe is improper.