Employer Resources

Enterprise Payroll keeps you compliant with state and federal labor laws and gives you easy access to information on HR best practices.  Ensure compliance with government labor law posting requirements in the Compliance Center.  Access How-To Guides for a wealth of information concerning HR best practices for small businesses.  Download a variety of common business forms all customized for your company.  Enterprise Payroll is a secure, self service, web-based product providing employers and their employees on-line access to personnel data, check stubs, time off information and more. Our web-based solution enables employees to access information they need, when and where they need it.  Additionally, we have professional payroll experts available six days a week to answer any of your questions or urgent needs.

Business Forms


  • Personnel Information
  • Notices to Employees–Health Insurance Marketplace
  • “Employee” vs. “Independent Contractor”
  • Form SS-8 for Worker Status
  • Exemption Work Sheet
  • Checklist: Employee Handbook for your Business
  • Employee Handbook Receipt Confirmation


  • Sample Offer Letter
  • New-Employee Information Form
  • Notices to Employees–Health Insurance Marketplace
  • Employee Orientation Checklist for Supervisors
  • Employee Direct Deposit Authorization Form


  • Form I-9 Employment Eligibility
  • Form W-4
  • Form W-9 (for Independent Contractors only)
  • Form I-765
  • Form 8655 Reporting Agent Authorization
  • Form 4070 – Employee’s Report of Tips to Employer
  • Form 4070A – Employee’s Daily Record of Tips


  • Performance Review Planning Checklist
  • Employee Performance Review
  • Probationary Employee Performance Review


  • Job Description Questionnaire
  • Application for Employment
  • Interview Form for Employer to Use
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • Examples of Prohibited Interview Questions


  • Termination Checklist
  • COBRA Insurance Notification
  • Sample Termination Letter
  • Exit Interview Questionnaire


  • Employee Timesheet